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At you will find educational animations from the fields of natural sciences, technology and general education.

Most animations are online and offline. The exe or app files only need to be downloaded and started. The integration into Microsoft® PowerPoint® is also possible.

Mobile devices

HTML5-based web apps are designed for students to explore with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). The animations are largely independent of an operating system or device type and automatically adapt to any display format.

Smartphone im Hochformat. Der Inhalt der Animation passt sich automatisch der Ausrichtung des Displays an.

Graphics Quality

All animations can be enlarged without loss and are ideal for display on large screens and high-resolution displays.

A total of 50 animations are available on topics which are traditionally perceived as abstract in the classroom. A carefully developed and tested design guarantees aha effects even with learners with little prior knowledge.

Structure of the Animations

Some animations have been developed as a target medium for the Flash player. This is because, unlike HTML animations, these files can also be started locally via an exe file. Animations designed for smartphones use the device-independent HTML5 format.

The animations that can be started as exe or app files are somewhat more complex. In order to correctly dose this high complexity, these animations have a special structure.


Soetimes we associate technology and naturals science with something difficult to understand, The reason for this could be the fact that the modes of representation and communication in the field of technology are abstract in most cases.

The understanding is also made more difficult by the fact that the underlying phenomena are often not observeable. There is a lack of the context that is important in the learning of new representations.

This lack of context is complemented by the animations. The animated knowledge content can be experienced with the animations.

Mit Hilfe der Animationen können Wissensvorsprünge gerade in schwierigen aber auch bedeutenden Bereichen unseres technischen Alltags erzielt werden.