About this website

Most of the animations presented here were created between 2008 and 2013 at the Institute for Technology and Education at the University of Münster under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christian Hein. The division of a material into different levels was first demonstrated in the work of Dr. Tamara Riehle. This principle was taken up and further developed in many animations.

Also in the following years, the animations were adapted to new technical conditions and supplemented by some new works. The instructional design was also improved where it seemed appropriate.

Disclaimer: Even if the materials have been created in a university context, the webmaster is solely responsible for any errors.

Animations and learning

Instructional animations are media that have a narrower scope of application compared to static images. However, where animations can be used, they offer indispensable advantages.

The design tool “movement” has a strong attention-drawing effect. This can be an advantage. But only if it is used in a purposeful way.

“Multimedia” is not yet a sign of quality. What matters is that the design tools are used in a targeted manner. Orientation is provided by the findings of perception and learning psychology.

The works presented here should serve as examples and suggestions. Perhaps they will also help to make technology lessons a little easier, which have become even more digital as a result of the Corona era.

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