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Principle of electromagnetic induction

In the following interactive animation, the processes that are generated during the generation of the electric current from motion energy are represented.

The conductor can be moved. To do this, click the second rectangle and move the mouse.

The 3D model is rotatable.

You can scale the two areas by clicking on them.

The animation was developed as a offline application for Windows and Macintosh systems and for integration into Microsoft PowerPoint slides. The online version presented here serves as a preview. The exe or app file can be downloaded free of charge in the member area.

Full screen


After the download, the animation can be displayed in full screen mode. Integration into PowerPoint is also possible.


The animation contains in the left-hand area a 3D model with a horseshoe magnet. Inside the magnetic field there is a cylindrical conductor. The electrons are represented by blue spheres. The magnetic field of the horseshoe magnet can be turned on or off.

In the right area, the objects are displayed in a profile view. In this view the conductor can be moved with the mouse. The electrons shown in the left region will be moved continuously. The dynamic magnetic fields generated by the movement of the electrons are also present in both areas. In the right areas, the resulting magnetic field can also be represented if required.

The interactive real-time animation can be used for illustrating the hand rules which apply to the formation of the dynamic magnetic field and the directions of movement of the electric current.


Title:Principle of electromagnetic induction
Target group:
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Self-learners
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  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint®
  • Apple® Macintosh®
  • Enlargeable without loss
  • No installation required
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