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About us

Many of the here presented animations were originally developed by the Institute for Didactic and Technology at the University of M√ľnster under the supervision of Christian Hein.

The segmentation of educational content into separate levels was first demonstrated in the works of Tamara Riehle. This model was incorporated and further developed in many of our animations. The dynamically expandable levels are an essential outcome of this development.

In 2013 the Institute for Didactic and Technology was closed. On our own account, the animations were subsequently further refined and expanded to include additional scientific topics.

The subject matters are not limited to areas in technology or science. Our objective is to create content that can not be represented using conventional means (like language, pictures, formulas ...).

In contrast to the traditional descriptive, sequential simulation, all associations can be interactively discovered.

Educational-Animation.com is a unique educational resource featuring high-quality, interactive animations that are based on didactic principles.