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About us

A large number of the animations presented here was originally developed by the Institute for Technology and its Didactics at the University of M√ľnster under the supervision of Christian Hein.

The division of a fabric to different levels was first demonstrated in the works of Tamara Riehle. This principle has been incorporated and further developed in many animations. The dynamically expandable levels are now a significant result of this development.

The Institute of Technology and Education was closed in 2013. Afterwards the animations were further developed in self-government and supplemented by many scientific animations.

The content is not limited to a field of technology or science. The motive is to create content that can only be represented with conventional means (language, pictures, formulas ...).

In contrast to classical explanatory simulations with a fixed time sequence, all interrelations are interactive.

Educational-Animation.com is now a unique resource for high-quality interactive animations with a didactic background.