Animation: Electrical induction 1 (App)

The following interactive app explains the principle of electromagnetic induction.

The conductor can be moved with the mouse (or your finger on a touchscreen).

Screenshot of an animation explaining the law of induction.

The animation shows conductive material, that you can moved with your mouse. Depending on the direction of movement of the conductor, the induced electric current will flow in a different direction.

The direction of movement of the induced current can be observed using the “left-hand rule” which is also known as the “three finger rule”.

  • Index finger: Direction of the field lines
  • Thumb: direction of movement of the conductor
  • Middle finger: direction of movement of charge carriers

ZielgruppeThis principle refers to the actual (physical) current direction. The animation illustrates the movement of the charge carriers using technical conventions. Looking at it from a mechanical point of view, the current flows in the opposite direction.

TitelElectrical induction 1 (App)
Target groupSelf-learners
PlattformsInternet browser
FeaturesFull screen mode
Lossless magnification
Large screens supported
LicenceFreeware (for non-commercial use)


  • Authoring tool: Adobe Animate
  • JavaScript library: CreateJS

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