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Questions and answers

What does the use of the animations cost?

All animations are freeware. Their use is free of charge. (see Terms of use)

What are the system requirements?

The HTML5 animations can be displayed with most of the common browsers.

To integrate Flash (SWF) animations into PowerPoint, a PowerPoint version of Windows 2007 or later is required.

Animations with an “.exe” extension require a Windows OS with Win95 or later.

To playback an app-animation a Macintosh OS is required.

How can I contribute something?

  • Suggestion 1: Tell a friend about the website.
  • Suggestion 2: Give feedback on the animations.


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How can I develop animations?

This website will feature additional tutorials on this topic soon.

You need further information or assistance? Please contact us: contact form

Can you develop an animation for our company / educational institution?

Yes, our business partners would like to assist you. Follow this link for more information. Get custom made animations

How do I play a animation on a Macintosh OS?

You can find the relevant instructions under the following link. Starting animations on Macintosh