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About this website

On you can find educational animations in the field of natural science, technology and general education.

Most animations are usable online as well as offline. The exe or app files should to be downloaded and then started.

Mobile devices

HTML5-based web apps are designed for mobile devices usage. These animations are generally independent of operating system or device type and adapt automatically to any display format.

Smartphone in landscape format. The content of the animation automatically adjusts to the orientation of the display.

Graphics quality

All animations can be enlarged without loss of visual clarity and are ideal for display on large screens and high-resolution presentations.

A total of 50 animations are available on topics that are traditionally perceived as abstract. A carefully developed and tested design guarantees an “aha” effects, even with learners with little prior knowledge.

Animation Structure

Animations developed for smartphones use the device-independent HTML5 format.

Smartphone in portrait format. The content of the animation automatically adjusts to the orientation of the display.

The animations, which can be started as exe or app files, are optimized for presentations on large screens and canvases.


Sometimes we associate technology or naturals sciences with contents that is difficult to understand. The reason for this might be the fact that in the field of technology the modes of representation and communication are often abstract.

Comprehension is also made more challenging by the fact that the underlying phenomena are not always observable. This results in a lack of context that is necessary for the learning of new concepts to take place.

This lack of context is augmented through an animation. Conceptual knowledge can be experienced.

With the help of these animations a knowledge headstand can be achieved. This is particularly trough for difficult subject but also to conceptualize technical, everyday occurrences.

Technological Enlightenment

The evolution of technical does not stop at any area of life. The use of technology also means inherent constraints. Suddenly computers decide how thing are done- faster, impartial and safer. As ethically acting people relying blindly on technology restricts our ability to design. Good didactics help assess the benefits of technology, lets us make better decisions and employs technology at the service of people.


The animations provided on this website are intended for use during lessons. The animations are therefore not self-explanatory. The desktop animations are designed for instructors that intend to illustrate the content of a lesson in a presentation. The mobile animations give learners the opportunity to explore content on their own using a smartphone.