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Teaching animation: Forces at an incline

The animation shows a moving body on an incline. The angle of the plane can be changed.

The animation was originally developed as a offline application for Windows and Macintosh systems and for integration into Microsoft PowerPoint slides. The online version presented here serve as a preview. The exe or app file can be downloaded free of charge from members area.

Download Windows

Download Macintosh


If the angle is sharp enough, the object begins to slide downwards. This is called “sliding friction”.

In the animation, the weight force (FG) and the resulting slope drive force (FHA) and the normal force (FN) are shown.

When the slope driving force (FHA) overcomes the adhesion (drag), the object slides downward.

General information

Title:Teaching animation: Forces at an incline
Target group:
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Independent learners
Platforms (primary):
  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Apple® Macintosh®
  • Resizable without the loss of visual clarity
  • No installation required
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Authoring tool: Adobe Animate


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