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Teaching animation: Electromagnetic induction by rotating magnets

The interactive animation illustrates the principle of electromagnetic induction using the example of a rotating magnet.

The 3D model can be rotated.

Click your mouse to zoom the rectangle in or out.

The animation was originally developed as a offline application for Windows and Macintosh systems and for integration into Microsoft PowerPoint slides. The online version presented here serve as a preview. The exe or app file can be downloaded free of charge from members area.

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The animation shows how an electric voltage is induced by rotary motion.

A rod magnet rotates in the interior of the conductor loop shown. Inside the conductor loop the electrons are symbolized by blue dads.

The electrons move through the conductor loop. The orientation and strength of the magnetic field depends on how many electrons are deflected. You have the highest voltage when the field lines of the magnetic field move precisely at a right angle through the conductor loop.

The animation contains two areas with the following content:

left3D model of a conductor and a rotating magnet. Inside the conductor, the electrons are shown. As the magnet rotates, the electrons in the conductor are set in motion.
rightThe 3D model in a profile view. The technical current direction is represented by symbols. Moreover, the field lines of the magnetic field can be shown.

General information

Title:Teaching animation: Electromagnetic induction by rotating magnets
Target group:
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Independent learners
Platforms (primary):
  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint®
  • Apple® Macintosh®
  • Resizable without the loss of visual clarity
  • No installation required
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