Animation: Electrical induction 1

In the following interactive animation the processes are shown, which are run through during the production of the electric current from kinetic energy.

The ladder can be moved. Click into the second rectangle and move the mouse. The 3D model is rotatable.

Screenshot of an animation explaining the law of induction

The animation on the left contains a 3D model with a horseshoe magnet. Inside the magnetic field there is a cylindrical conductor. The electrons are represented by blue spheres. The magnetic field of the horseshoe magnet can be switched on or off.

In the right area the objects are displayed in a profile view. In this view the ladder can be moved with the mouse. The displayed electrons in the left area then start to move continuously. In both areas also the dynamic magnetic fields are represented, which result from the movement of the charge carriers. If required, the resulting magnetic field can also be displayed in the right area.

The interactive real-time animation is suitable, among other things, for illustrating the manual rules that apply to the formation of the dynamic magnetic field and the directions of movement of the electric current.

TitleElectrical induction 1
Target audienceTeachers and lecturers
platformsMicrosoft® Windows®
Apple® Macintosh®
FeaturesFull screen mode
lossless magnification
Large screens supported
LicenseFreeware (for non-commercial use)
DownloadMicrosoft® Windows®
Apple® Macintosh®


  • Authoring tool: Adobe Animate
  • 3D engine for 3D model: Papervision3D 2.0
  • 3D rotations: Algorithm adopted from Federico Calvo:
  • Curved field lines: Class Bezier3D by Aleksandar Mancic
  • Authoring tool: Adobe Animate

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